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“Sanford Inspire resources and coaching guides free up a lot of time for our mentors to work directly with teachers on applying knowledge in the classroom.”

Richie Ressel
HEROES For Students

“Our goal is to see how we can personalize learning for every single student—change the model from one-size-fits-all. Through Sanford Inspire, we could bring what’s happening at one school and scale it up to something that’s huge.”

Michael Serban
Naranca Elementary

“I can think of no better return on investment than inspiring students to embrace learning and find their path in life. Working together through Inspire, we will foster the kind of teaching and learning that changes the lives for children in positive ways and transforms our communities.”

T. Denny Sanford
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

“On-Demand Modules are the most accessible resource to target individual skills. The quality of research and content in the modules is phenomenal. Teachers feel respected and individualized because they have control of their development.”

Teressa Ribbens
Teacher Retention Project

“The idea of inspiration is at the very core of my teaching. Seeing something I do naturally brought into concrete words and ideas is great.”

Aude Odeh
Barry Goldwater High School

“What really appeals to me about Inspire is the notion of collaborations and partnerships pushing a common vision through multiple pathways—not one way or right answer or ‘program’ to adopt—but rather a consistency in approach and philosophy about how both adults and children learn.”

Linda Hargan
Collaborative for Teaching and Learning

On-Demand Modules

We help teachers develop knowledge, skills, and mindsets to improve their practice and inspire their students.

Sanford Inspire is easily integrated into K-12 and Higher Education settings, ensuring all teachers are well-equipped to effectively lead students to academic and social success.



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