What is Inspire?

Sanford Inspire envisions an education system where inspired teaching represents the norm for all learning environments, and where teachers and schools consider inspired learning a core purpose rather than an accidental outcome. The goal is to give future educators the tools and practices to create a learning environment where all students are inspired, and develop a strong desire to attend school, learn, and succeed in life.

Creating Inspired Teachers

In working with education stakeholders, the focus remains on developing inspired teachers through:

Teachers have access to a number of research-based online modules that can be completed in an hour each, at any time. 

Having inspired teachers in classrooms helps to:

Leading the Movement

Sanford Inspire serves as a powerful catalyst for change by providing leadership in the inspired teaching and learning movement, and by working collaboratively with educators to nurture, develop, and sustain educational experiences for all.

In pursuing its mission, Sanford Inspire values and is committed to: