There is a wealth of research on the importance of understanding the emotional needs of children in the school setting. A few handpicked selections are below. Check back often for updates and links to new research.

PK-12 Teachers

Author and educator, Daniel Goleman, focuses our attention to the important roles emotions and social learning play in PK-12 learners’ daily achievements in classrooms. The connections of social-emotional learning (SEL) to effective and inspiring classrooms is clear in students’ abilities to achieve high academic standards and blossom into healthy life-long learners.

Goleman gives public school and higher education faculty insights into the importance of understanding, caring, empathy, and resiliency in creating rich and safe learning environments in classrooms. Goleman is dedicated to using social-emotional learning strategies to create inspired teaching and learning for all.

PK-12 Administrators

Classroom culture intersects with school culture established by administrator(s) and key faculty. There is a growing body of research suggesting significant ties between effective school leaders and their social-emotional intelligence modeled with staff, faculty, parents, and students.

Moreover, the research is beginning to reveal links between successful school change and the emotional intelligence of school leaders.

Teacher Education Curriculum

In a 2013 survey conducted by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), the authors found a vast majority of teachers wanted more knowledge and skills related to employing social-emotional learning into their classrooms. However, very few teacher-preparation programs integrate this knowledge into curriculum. Faculty at the University of British Columbia have collaborated with the CASEL organization to create “Social Emotional Learning in Teacher Education.” Within teacher preparation curriculum, they focus on: students’ social and emotional (SEL) skills, teachers’ social and emotional competence (SEC), and context supporting social and emotional learning.