Our Partners

No single institution can effectively disseminate a movement the size and scope of Sanford Inspire. As a result, the Sanford Inspire Collaborative was created to involve other institutions in the development, evolution, and dissemination of the movement.

The Collaborative represents a diverse group of higher education institutions and their PK-12 partners – with some focused on research and others on educating future teachers.

The Sanford Higher Education Collaborative is a unique model in the national inspired teaching and learning movement. These members were chosen for their diversity, commitment, and reputation for quality teacher preparation. As Sanford Inspire expands throughout the U.S., the collaborative will invite higher education institutions who passionately embrace the Sanford Inspire philosophy of having inspired teachers and educators to join.

Sanford Higher Education Collaborative Members:

logo_0004_nu.png  logo_0002_liu.png logo_0003_nsu.png   logo_0008_usd.pnglogo_0007_ucf.pnglogo_0001_cus.pnglogo_0006_tuc.pnglogo_0005_sdsu.pngBellevue UniversityEast Carolina University