Inspired Teacher Stories

Inspiration is everywhere, and is all about igniting strong feelings, emotions, ideas, and action in others for the greater good. Watch inspirational videos, and then upload your own, to show others how Inspire is making a difference in your community. Simply post to YouTube and share the link!

“What really appeals to me about Inspire is the notion of collaborations and partnerships pushing a common vision through multiple pathways—not one way or right answer or ‘program’ to adopt—but rather a consistency in approach and philosophy about how both adults and children learn.”

Linda Hargan, Founder, Collaborative for Teaching and Learning

Submit Your Own Inspired Teacher Story!

Have you had a teacher that truly inspired you? Share your experience with us! Upload a short video (1-2 minutes) with your story to YouTube, and set it to Public view. Send us the YouTube link via this form and we’ll post on this site to show others how inspired teaching can make a difference for a lifetime.

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