What is Sanford Inspire?

Sanford Inspire is a movement to bring an inspired teacher into every classroom. It is a growing undertaking embraced by PK-12 educators (teachers and administrators) and higher education faculty charged with educator preparation in colleges and universities.

How difficult is integrating Sanford Inspire into existing teacher education programs?

It is as easy as asking yourself these questions: Do we want to embrace inspired teaching, learning, and living into our curriculum? How and where do we currently influence our teacher candidates’ understanding about the Sanford Inspire core foundations of student-centered pedagogy and social-emotional learning? Where could we start to make one or two changes in our syllabi, assignment(s), and/or discussions?

How long does it take for Sanford Inspire to be incorporated into curriculum?

The answer resides within your own curriculum and leadership. It does not take a long time to have a conversation about the role of inspired teaching and learning. It might take a little longer to explore and talk about the importance of the Sanford Inspire core beliefs. Changing an assignment, adding readings, and/or revising a course may take a few hours or months of discussing, planning, implementing, and evaluating.

How is the success of Sanford Inspire measured?

For teacher education faculty, it is measured in new vision and purpose in courses. For candidates, it is developmental benchmarks throughout the teacher-preparation program. For the program, it will be measured in teacher candidates’ assignments and clinical practice experiences.

Who are the key stakeholders I should include in initial discussions?

If you are a PK-12 teacher, include your students; then, talk with colleagues. You could venture out and ask a few trusted parents. For higher education faculty, your department and program colleagues should be considered in your initial conversations. Share with them the Sanford Inspire materials and resources. Create a study group and invite colleagues, department chair, and PK-12 educators. And, do not forget your current teacher candidates and alumni.

How much does Sanford Inspire cost?

Its costs are dependent upon a number of factors, such as, the extent to which you revise your assignments, courses, and/or programs. If you are a PK-12 teacher, the cost is time and observation.

How can in-service teachers learn about utilizing Sanford Inspire in current classrooms?

You can immediately go to the Sanford Inspire website hosted by Arizona State University ( You can also contact one of the universities associated with the Sanford Education Collaborative.

What if we have questions or need help? 

Please email  with questions, or for more information. A helpful representative will respond to you promptly.

How do teacher preparation programs encourage their alumni to practice the beliefs and strategies associated with the Sanford Inspire program?

Stay in touch with your graduates through a variety of touch-points, such as: Inspire newsletters, webinars, alumni events and guest speakers, social media, and alumni and current teacher candidate meetings held in-person, or via virtual communication avenues.