Best Practices

While the core beliefs of Sanford Inspire guide the work, universities have the ability to make it unique to their specific needs and goals. Joining the Sanford Inspire movement begins with an honest conversation among all stakeholders—including principals, superintendents, parent groups, counselors, and PK-12 partners. Some serious questions to discuss include:

Once all stakeholders have come to an agreement regarding the definition and vision of inspired teaching and learning, based on Sanford Inspire principles, the steps for implementation include:

Self-evaluation: Analyze and assess current teacher education programs and curriculum

Identification: Pinpoint what changes need to be made to existing programs in order to prepare and develop inspired teachers

Development: Redesign programs, curriculum, and teaching methods to align with Sanford Inspire

Measurement: Assess candidate and program performance regularly, and share findings with any other universities involved in implementing Sanford Inspire

Improvement: Integrate research and best practices as part of ongoing improvement process

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