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Most of us can recall at least one teacher who truly made an impact on our lives. Others, if fortunate, can point to more. Now imagine a school where every single teacher inspires students. Such a school has the power to not only transform students, but also society as a whole.

Sanford Inspire is not a set program or a curriculum—it is a movement designed to make the world a better place through education. Inspire is easily integrated into college and university teacher prep courses—so future teachers enter classrooms well equipped to effectively motivate and encourage children to be enthusiastic, active learners.

We invite you to learn more about Sanford Inspire, and join the thousands of other educators on this journey of inspiration.

Quick Tips for Inspired Teachers

Quick Tip No. 1

Student’s Choice

Give students a choice of expressing their learning (e.g., draw a picture, create a rap song, do a role play) and record their excitement and learning. Experiment by adding one or two student-centered learning activities and observe your students’ reactions.

Quick Tip No. 2

Inspire Schools

To be inspired is to live within an inspired school culture, led by school administrators who listen, care, empathize, support collaboration, portray positive emotions, and react to criticism with understanding and compassion.

Quick Tip No. 3

Provide Social-Emotional Support

Understanding and supporting the social and emotional needs of young learners ensures they will be able to thrive academically and personally.

A Story of Inspiration

Cajon Valley Union School District has been incredibly successful at developing inspiring teachers, and the evidence is in the enthusiastic smiles of students. In 2013, a full-scale digital learning program was launched to meet the demands of 21st century young learners. New technology was brought into classrooms, and educators became empowered to teach outside of traditional textbook methods.

Naranca Elementary is one of the schools in the district to implement Inspired teaching and learning in classes. Principal, Michael Serban, says, “Our goal is to see how we can personalize learning for every single student—change the model from one-size-fits-all.” One way his school has achieved this is through the Success Project, which allows students to design their own websites. Inspired teacher, Amy Harris, explains, “They get to research their passions—what do they love, what do they want to become? And they put together a portfolio about themselves.”

Inspired teacher, Kristen Haglund, has a genuine interest in seeing her students succeed. She says, “I want them to do well. I want them to take their passions and run with them. Then you can create lessons based on what they need.” With Inspired teaching, the school’s 850 students have the ability to go on and inspire others in the community, and even change the world. Serban says, “Through Sanford Inspire, we could bring what’s happening at one school and scale it up to something that’s huge.”

This is just one example of the type of Inspired teaching that Sanford Inspire hopes to help make possible in every classroom across the country. Watch the video above, and other videos that showcase inspired teaching and learning.

“I can think of no better return on investment than inspiring students to embrace learning and find their path in life. Working together through Inspire, we will foster the kind of teaching and learning that changes the lives for children in positive ways and transforms our communities.”

T. Denny Sanford

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

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